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Remote-controlled blinds, draperies and shades.
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Motorize Your Window Treatments

Privacy at the Touch of a Button

Does your home have windows that are out of reach? Do you wish to automate their opening and closing with the touch of a control? Do you have mobility issues that make it difficult to move your window treatments easily?

Baldwin Blinds has automated window treatment solutions to all of these concerns.

We can pair a remote control to a motorized device that will open and close your blinds or draperies either manually, or on a programmed schedule that you set ahead of time. Open your window treatments to greet the sun and close them at dusk, automatically. You can control just one window, or all of them at the same time.

Do you prefer to control devices with your smart phone? You have the option to pair your window’s motorized feature to an app on your phone that lets you open and close your treatments not only from home, but also when you are away. This is a great option to have when you are on vacation or at work, and can make it look like someone is home!

Since motorized window treatments operate touch-free, you’ll save wear and tear and soiling that are normal with manual draperies, shades and blinds.

We have battery powered options where wiring is not possible, as well as plug-in options for when an outlet is accessible.

Let our team show you the options that can be motorized and assist you in choosing the best one for each of your windows.

Smart automation window treatments for your home!

Whether your style is sleek and modern, traditional, farm house, shabby chic, or somewhere in between, automatic window treatments that operate at the push of a button make letting the light in as easy as possible.

We Make Even High Window Treatments Easy to Manage

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We offer quality options from top-tier Blinds providers like Graber,
Pro Design, Lafayette and Norman. With options to suit every style and budget, we'll find the best option for YOUR home.

When it’s time to add automation and motorized window treatments, let the team at Baldwin Blinds help find the options that suit your home, your budget, and your style. Call us today for a no-obligation consultation.

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